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About Us

Forged and Machined Components Manufacturer and Supplier in Kolhapur, India

About All Moto Technologies Pvt Ltd

20+ Years Of Experience


All Moto Technologies Pvt Ltd

We M/s. All Moto Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of forged machined Parts & transmission parts ,valve parts as per international Quality Standard. Our firm was established in 2012 and registered as a small scale industries unit under Directorate of SSI, Maharshtra ,India.

We make Auto parts such as Rocker Arms, Bracket Pedestal, Shaft and precision Parts related to automobiles vehicles & diesel engines. All our products are carried out under strict inspection and highest quality control with competitive price and delivered on time.

The company possesses a workforce of skilled and trained manpower with state of the art manufacturing facility and a professional management who has guided the organization on the path of commendable achievements over the years.

We have implemented modernization plant fully equipped with suitable machine tools such as VMC, CNC, and latest computerized measuring instruments.

The Company will provide best quality to its customers through professional process control and standard management.

All Moto Group Infrastructures

Forge Shop

Fully Equipped set of Belt Drop Hammers with allied machineries, producing quality products to meet the requirements as per customer’s standards. The Machineries are maintained properly and working is carried out with usage of safety equipment. Temperature Controller, Electrical Panels, Working Devices are designed and maintained in accordance with productivity.

Heat Treatment

For heat-treatment processes like Normalising, Quenching and Tempering Annealing, and Isothermal Annealing; furnaces are maintained with Automatic Temperature control panels with digital control. Also facilities like Induction Hardening for machined components are in-house.

Die-Shop (Tool Room)

State of art facilities has made possible to prove out state of art capability. Revolution in technology has changed the nature of Tool Room. Complicated and Integrated profiles and sizes of any component is possible to make because of compatibility of set up. Our specialised components like ROCKER ARMS tooling can be possible within 10 days. Recording of process result are maintained as per ISO norms.


All forging and castings are machined with in-house facilities up to the stage of assembly condition. Special Product Lines are in use for supply of parts like ROCKER ARM ( for Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.) & REVERSE SELECTOR SHAFT ( for Ashok Leyland Ltd. ). The setup is equipped with material handling equipment & special purpose machines. The productivity and high level of accuracy is maintained by automation, wherever necessary. The machining division is treated as self-certified in standards by M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., M/s Ashok Leyland Ltd., M/s Kirloskars Oil Engines Ltd. due to hi-tech facilities and infrastructure.

Our Team

At All Moto Group an experienced and rearing to go team of over 45+ employees, is consistently trained to upgrade itself with latest technology trends in forging and machining industry. The Group has a visionary Board of Director, qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, and a conducive work culture. All this facilitate in bringing out excellence by every constituent of the company.

Team All Moto Technologies Pvt Ltd

Our Quality Policy

All Moto Technologies Pvt Ltd is dedicated to providing our customers with products that meet or exceed their expectations and to continually improving the quality management system.

At All Moto, quality starts upfront with our planning and engineering processes and is maintained by every one of our manufacturers throughout the production process. Each operator on the floor is responsible for their work – making parts, components, and assemblies exactly to print, meeting customer specifications. We do this with every single part, no matter how small so that when it goes into the assembly, ultimately, the final part will meet or exceed customer expectations.