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  • A One Stop Source For Forged and Machined Critical Components

Machine Shop

Forged and Machined Critical Components Manufacturer in Kolhapur

Our machine shop is equipped with sophisticated production machineries like HMC, VMC’s, SPM's, CNC turning centers and Broaching machines to name a few, to cater the customer demands in terms of Quality & Quantity. We continuously strive for improvements in our operational areas by embedding technological advancement in the organization

With our efforts in forward integration and value addition, we strive to reduce the lead time and other procurement problems for our customers. Our aim is to further increase our machining capabilities in near future, in order to become a preferred supply partner for Machined Forging Components such as Rocker Arms, Gear Shifter Forks, Bonnet Forgings, Gear Supports, Selector Shafts and Plates

Design, Tooling, Forging, Machining, Induction Hardening and Grinding Under One Roof

We offer a complete in-house end-to-end service incorporating design, tooling, forging and machining. This enables us to time in logistics and also has complete control throughout the manufacturing processes. This assures that all the processes are done religiously and equally authentic.

Machining Facility

  • CNC Turning Centers – 4 No
  • Vertical Machining Centers – 7 No
  • Special Purpose Machines – 2 No
  • Broaching Machine - 2 No
  • Cylindrical Grinding - 2 No
  • Horizontal Milling 2 - No
  • Capstan Lathe - 1 No
  • Gear Lathe - 1 No
  • Centre Lathe 7 - No
  • Radial Drilling Machine - 5 No
  • Pillar Drilling Machine - 2 No
  • Tapping Machine - 1 No
  • Hydraulic Power Press - 1 No
  • High Precision Automat Lathe Machine - 1 No

Current Machining Capacity - 60,000 parts per month

Testing and Inspection Facility

  • Hardness checking machine
  • Millipore Testing Facility
  • Micro Tester
  • Magna Flux
  • 2D Height Master
  • Surface Finish Tester
  • Air Gauges
  • CMM
  • Contracer

Die Shop (Tool Room) Facility

  • CNC Vertical Milling Machine
  • Die Sinking Machine, EDM – Model – EMS FM-15
  • Shaping Machine 24” stroke
  • Milling Machine Model GA –3 V
  • Die Finishing Pneumatic Mini Grinder Model 30000 RPM
  • Pillar Type Drilling Machine ¾” capacity